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Hotel room Versus Holiday villas

Holiday Rentals versus Hotels in Thailand - What's best?

Is Thailand on your plans for your upcoming holiday, but you just can’t decide whether to choose between a Thai hotel, a holiday resorts or a villa to stay in during your vacation? Well, we have answers to all your worries, Thailand is a friendly tourist destination and because the Thai economy benefits a great deal from tourism by means of foreign exchange, here in Thailand we have learned how to treat tourists.


Holiday in Krabi

A Holiday in Krabi – Sample the Best of Thailand!

Krabi in southern Thailand, is rich, colourful, vibrant and distinctly Thai! This breathtakingly beautiful province, nestled next to the picturesque Andaman coast and framed by iconic limestone cliffs, is home to an intriguing and diverse population of Buddhists, Thai-Chinese, Sea Gypsies and Muslims.

Not surprisingly, Krabi with its unspoilt, white, sandy beaches, flourishing marine life, world class dive sites, lush rainforests, secluded tropical


Where to stay in Krabi?

Find a suitable area for you stay in Krabi province. You have decided to travel to Thailand and you’re planning to stay in the beautiful province of Krabi. You will have the choice between many different areas.

Deciding where you will stay will depend on what you’re looking for: Do you want to experiment the authentic Thai lifestyle, do you like the crowd and the animation, or do you prefer a quiet and relaxing stay? Do you want to avoid the touristic centers or you like meeting travelers from


Exploring Krabi

About Krabi

No holiday or trip to Thailand is complete without visiting the beautiful and diverse province of Krabi. Krabi is situated in southern Thailand along the Andaman Coast in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Krabi’s breathtaking limestone hills, stunning coastline, charming fishing villages, over 150 picture perfect islands and an array of National Parks offer something for everyone. And it is deservedly famous for its unspoilt white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, that are home to an abundance of sea life and flourishing coral reefs.


28 May 2013