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Kayaking @ Krabi Beach House

Kayaking @ Krabi Beach House

We have our own kayaks for guest use!

Guests can splash around at the outdoor pool or grab a kayaks to puddle around beatiful and famous karst mountains of Krabi.


Krabi Beach House - 

1 Double Kayak - suitable for 2 adults and 1 child - life jackets available at the villa

2 Single Kayaks - suitable for 1 adult and 1 child per Kayak -  life jackets available at the villa

2 Motorbikes (Scooter Honda 125 cc) Motorcycle driving license required

Gas BBQ grill


Paddling enables people of all ages and ability to experience nature with unrivalled closeness. Whether on a several-day adventure or a short outing, precautions must be taken and some basic safety rules must be followed. 

  • Consult your physician prior to beginning your paddlesports’ training.
  • Start slow and if necessary obtain paddlesports instruction.
  • Always wear a nationally-approved personal floatation device.
  • Always wear a helmet where appropriate. 
  • Do not exceed your paddling ability; be aware of your limitations.
  • Do not paddle alone.
  • Always inform someone of your paddling route, the time and location of your departure and your intended time and location of arrival.
  • Do not use alcohol or mind altering drugs prior to using this product.
  • Dress appropriately for the given weather conditions.
  • In winter wear neoprene clothing to avoid hypothermia in case of capsize.
  • In summer, protect your eyes from the glare and your legs which are very exposed on a sit-on-top kayak. To prevent insulation or cold shock, dampen your clothing.
  • Always carry water and energy bars and eat and drink regularly.
  • Check weather forecasts and weather conditions prior to your outing so as not to be taken by surprise by sudden wind or cold weather. Weather conditions can change quickly out on the water.
  • Obtain local knowledge of the waters you’re setting out on.


At sea, be aware of tidal changes, dangerous currents and weather changes.

  • Advice on how to launch your kayak when there are waves: place your boat perpendicular to the beach and wait for a pause between the series to launch yourself.



Even if our kayaks are stable, capsizing can happen. In this case, while you are swimming, turn your kayak back upright with the help of the handles or/and the lifeline, do not let go of your paddles and climb aboard again at the stern. Do note that BIC Sport sells paddle leashes (see BIC Sport catalogue) to avoid you losing your paddle. Never stand upright in a river, swim on your back with your feet forward.


In any situation, never abandon your kayak, it remains your best lifebuoy and will help you being spotted. 



Posted Feb 10, 2017